Model “TSK B-1”

This machine is an electric sieve shaker that incorporates a bitter hitting force (horizontal tap) from the side into a swinging motion. Vibration (circular vibration) is applied to the entire test sieve, and combined with a binter that directly impacts the sieve screen of each stage of the test sieve, it is possible to efficiently screen the powder sample at each stage of the sieve. (The number of vibrations and the number of striking forces can be adjusted.) Compared to conventional products, it is lighter and does not take up space, and can be used easily on a desktop without being fixed. In addition, it operates with low noise, making it ideal for analysis and laboratory environments.

Operation status check

You can check the operating status of the screening tester Model TSK B-1 with a video.
Click on the line speed below to see it.

■ For BroadBand (high-speed) lines
■ NarrowBand (low speed) line