Our company was established in November 1973 as the only “standard sieve” (JIS Z 8801) manufacturer in Tokyo, and as a leading manufacturer, we have built the trust of our business partners. Our products are widely exported not only in Japan but also overseas. Milling, food, chemicals, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, abrasives, steel, construction, civil engineering, etc. It is used by the entire industry. All of us are prepared to make further efforts and efforts for the prosperity of the industry and the bright construction.

Business description

● Manufacture and sale of test sieves (old standard sieves) and industrial test sieves
● Sales and processing of various metal wire mesh
● Sales and processing of synthetic fiber network (bolting cloth)
● Manufacture and sales of various screens and test tubes
● Manufacture and sale of stainless steel spatula drawn products and sheet metal products
Product contents

● Test sieve (old standard sieve) = JIS Z 8801 (including pharmacopoeia sieve) ● Densei sieve ● Various industrial test sieves ● Screening tester (sieving shaker) ● Wooden round sieve (metal mesh, synthetic fiber mesh) ● Wooden hand-held square sieve ● Various meshes (stainless steel, brass, red copper, phosphor bronze, copper, nylon, tetron, polyethylene, polypropylene, fluorine, etc.) ● Various punching nets made of stainless steel ● Various custom-made wire mesh cages made of stainless steel, test tube stand ● Various custom-made shelves made of stainless steel (for constant temperature bath etc.) ● Various processed products of synthetic fiber net (net bag, insect net, cleaning bag, etc.) ● Stainless steel spatula drawn products, sheet metal processed products (tanks, box-type containers, etc.) ● Various metal mesh for papermaking (for sheet machines, freeness, etc.) ● Any other business related to the network ● Toray Industrial Toraysee

● Manufacture and sale of test sieves (old standard sieves) and industrial test sieves