quality policy

In accordance with the policies of the “Management Policy Document”, the Company will provide products and services that accurately capture customer needs and gain customer trust.
In addition, we will continually improve the practical activities of ISO9001: 2015, aiming for permanent company development while contributing to the local community.

Established July 1, 2015
Yukihiro Hamada, President and Representative Director, Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd.

quality policy

(ISO / IEC17025)

Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd. was established as a manufacturer of “standard sieves” in accordance with JIS Z 8801 in November 1973. As a leading manufacturer of powder measurement, Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd. I have built a relationship of trust. In recent years, the accuracy and reliability required for such measurement systems are increasing, and the following quality policy is declared here as a concrete action guideline to meet this demand.


1. The Company shall maintain a fair and neutral position in calibration activities, establish a management system that eliminates potential conflicts of interest and threats to fairness, and operates as an objective and reliable calibration organization. The
2. Sieve calibration activities maintain and secure high-quality calibration quality and expertise.
3. We will promote continuous improvement and improve the quality of calibration services by rotating the Plan, Do, Check, and Act cycles.
4. All personnel engaged in sieve calibration work are deeply familiar with the relevant quality documents and comply with established policies and procedures.
5. Maintain the conformity to this standard and continuously improve the effectiveness of the calibration management system.

January 10, 2019
President and Representative Director Yasuhiro Hamada