Test sieve with calibration certificate

JIS Z 8801 test sieve

Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd. has obtained the accreditation of a registered certification body as a testing organization that meets the requirements of the international standard of ISO / IEC 17025, and is officially recognized as a testing organization that has the ability to provide technically appropriate test results. As for JIS Z 8801-1 test sieves, it is possible to issue a calibration certificate with the ilac / MRA symbol mark.

Calibration range

Calibration range of test sieve at Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd.

Since October 2016, we have been accredited by ISO / IEC 17025 measuring institutions.
In 2020, in addition to the conventional calibration range of JIS Z 8801 test sieve frames (φ75, φ150, φ200, φ300), non-JIS standard frames (φ50, φ100, φ203, φ250) that were out of range. The range has been expanded so that the opening of 13 μm and 16 μm (tolerance equivalent to 20 μm) can be calibrated.
We have established a system for more reliable calibration, and we will carry out calibration work in the following form from orders received after November 1, 2020.

① Calibration certificate: Limited to new products

・ Opening and frame dimensions within JIS Z 8801 standard
・ Frames outside JIS standards (φ50, φ100, φ203, φ250, etc.)
・ Opening outside JIS standard (13 μm / 16 μm)

(2) Manufacturer inspection: Products that have already been delivered and used products
・ Measured by JIS Z 8801 standard inspection method
・ Issuance of opening inspection report

③ Re-inspection: Test sieve with inspection certificate or calibration certificate already delivered
・ Measured by JIS Z 8801 standard inspection method
・ Issuance of opening re-inspection report

* Each form comes with a calibration certificate or inspection certificate for the measuring instrument and a traceability system diagram.
* Calibration is limited to new products. In addition, regarding inspection and re-inspection, we may refuse if the product we have received is very dirty or scratched.
* Regarding the size of the frame, the maximum inner diameter is φ300, and those larger than that cannot be calibrated and inspected.