Ultrasonic vibration sieving machine

TSK-DGS type

The digitally controlled DGS transmitter applies ultrasonic vibrations with an optimal frequency in the operating frequency range of 30 kHz to 38 kHz, regardless of the shape and natural frequency of the metal to be connected. Is possible. By using dedicated PC software, you can set conditions such as frequency width and number of sweeps. The JIS Z 8801 test sieve can be attached and removed by simply changing the band, and it has a wide range of capabilities that can be used with various frame-shaped sieves. It is possible to increase the efficiency of sieving at the site, such as improving the sieving efficiency, reducing or preventing clogging, and reducing the number of washings.
In addition, it has a waterproof converter (IP65 / ATEX explosion proof) and can be used for cleaning in an isolator.


◆ Operation mode
Frequency sweep transmission, compound transmission

◆ Sieve diameter
ø75 to ø300 (JIS Z 8801), other

◆ Power limit
50W / 100W / 200W transmitter maximum output control

◆ PC software
Parameter setting / frequency analysis software

◆ Interface


[TSK-DGS transmitter]

◆ Frequency
30 kHz to 38 kHz

◆ Maximum output
100W, 200W

◆ Power supply
Single phase 200V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz

◆ Dimensions
280 × 190 × 170mm

◆ Weight

[D35-SD8 Converter]

◆ Weight

◆ Dimensions
120mm x ø42

◆ Heat resistance
-20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

◆ Safety standards
ATEX, IP65 dustproof

◆ Waterproof type E
Waterproof connector, body alumite treatment, strong acid / alkaline cleaning agents are not supported

installation method

Corresponding to each sieve

PC software

Using dedicated analysis software, the frequency range (30 kHz to 38 kHz) and the number of reciprocations (sweep frequency) up to 100 Hz can be adjusted in 1 Hz units. In addition, there are functions such as maximum output limit function, frequency analysis function, frequency setting when multiple converters are connected, and condition data storage management.

Option sold separately

■ Vibration increase / decrease booster

Used when it is necessary to suppress the vibration width of the mesh surface.
(Especially effective for powders with light specific gravity)
Installation and removal with pliers

■ Converter holding base
・ Effective when the screen tilts due to the weight of the converter
-Since the pedestal itself has a switch, it can be turned on and off at hand.
・ Just connect to the main unit