Nafitec® Test Sieve

A test sieve with Nafitec®, a functional inorganic nanoparticle immobilization technology.

Since nanoparticles are much smaller than powder, the contact points when powder adheres to the surface of Nafitec® composed of nanoparticles can be made extremely small. This is thought to make it difficult for powder to adhere, which greatly contributes to suppressing clogging and improving sieving efficiency.

Nafitec® is coated by choosing from three types in consideration of the properties of the powder used by the customer. Therefore, it is necessary to have a meeting and sample test in advance. Please note.

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Powder exposure prevention desktop hood nano enclosure NE series

Example of ultrasonic vibration sieving machine in hood

List of test sieves and related equipment and examples of use

Ultrasonic cleaning machine by ultrasonic sweep vibration

When ultrasonic vibration propagates in the liquid, cavitation occurs in the liquid.
When the cavitation bubbles come into contact with the workpiece, the bubbles burst and the energy is removed to remove dirt and deposits, and ultrasonic cleaning is performed.

1. It is not a large ultrasonic cleaning agent, but it can be ultrasonically cleaned by bringing a handy type ultrasonic vibration plate close to the surface of the sieve net in a flowing water environment. There is no need for a large cleaning agent, and it is possible to generate sweep vibration with high cleaning ability locally.

2. The area around the cleaning plate is the most vibrant and the cavitation rate is high, so the powerful cleaning effect necessary to remove clogged dirt on the sieve screen can be obtained.

MINOX air jet sieving particle sizer

Model: MLS200

◆ Principle
Particles smaller than an arbitrary sieve are forcibly sucked by the negative pressure of the vacuum cleaner, and the suction air from the outside serves as the cleaning air for the sieve to prevent clogging and enhance the dispersion effect. By using this air jet effect, particles that were difficult to screen can be quickly screened to a minimum of 20μm.

◆ Features
・ Since a special JIS standard sieve (φ200mm) can be screened to a minimum of 20μm
・ Measurement time is as fast as 1.5-2 minutes
・ There is also a fine powder collecting cyclone as an option.

◆ Specifications
Material: Aluminum / Stainless
Built-in products: Timer, differential pressure gauge
Power supply: 100V 50 / 60㎐ 10Am
Accessories: Acrylic lid, vacuum cleaner (1kw 100V)
Dimensions: Width 450mm x Depth 455mm x Height 240mm
Weight: 32kg
Options: Dedicated JIS standard sieve (φ200mm), electronic balance, cyclone for collecting fine powder
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

◆ Adaptation
Compatible with pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, powder paints, toners, cosmetics, pesticides, wood powder, metal powders, other cement measurements and the Japanese Pharmacy Law

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