Toraysee MK Clean Cloth / Toraysee MK Cloth

A high-density knit wiping cloth using ultra-fine fibers.
It features excellent wiping and high liquid absorption. There are "MK Clean Cloth" for Class 100 and "MK Cloth" for general environment (both end faces are heat cut processed).

Toraysee CC Clean Cloth / Toraysee MC Cloth

A high-density plain weave wiping cloth using ultra-fine fibers.
Features excellent wiping and dimensional stability. Class 100 compatible "CC clean cloth" (end face heat cut) and general environment "MC cloth" (end face sewing) are available.

Toraysee ME Wiper

Flat pack / bulk pack

A knit wiper using PET long fibers.
Uses heat-cut treatment and clean packs to achieve low dust generation and low elution ions. Excellent liquid absorption and handling. Flat pack and bulk pack are available.

Toraysee MT tape series

It is a roll wiper that slits Toraysee in a tape shape.
Ideal for automatic wiping processes.
MS tapes and BS tapes are available for rolls.
Please contact us for custom sizes and specifications.

PK clean cloth / PW clean cloth

Polyester / nylon composite / split type
Uses extra-fine fibers. Provides high wiping performance when wiping dirt with low viscosity.

Toraysee MF Club

Toraysee's ultra-fine fiber tricot is adopted.
It is a wiping glove with excellent wearing feeling.