④ Mesh tray and others

Stainless steel processed product

We offer a variety of custom-made products that meet customer needs using our stainless steel processing technology.
The following are just a few examples of previously manufactured items. Our processed products are basically made to order from one piece at the size required by the customer, so we are waiting for prices, delivery times, other questions, and inquiries.

■ SUS304 rake net (with pipe handle)
Net 0.12ø x 80m / s (0.2mm eyes)


■ Small shelf network


■ SUS304 Stackable mesh tray
410 × 250 × 30mmH
Net 0.4ø × 20m / s (1mm eyes)


■ For penetrating polacon
Pipe filter Horizontal screen
For φ75 mm For φ100 mm
For φ125 mm For φ150 mm