③Mesh funnel filter

Stainless steel processed product

We offer a variety of custom-made products that meet customer needs using our stainless steel processing technology.
The following are just a few examples of previously manufactured items. Our processed products are basically made to order from one piece at the size required by the customer, so we are waiting for prices, delivery times, other questions, and inquiries.

■ Hopper type round basket
145ø × 90mmH
0.08ø × 120m / s (0.13mm eyes)


■ SUS304 mesh funnel
Upper 250ø Lower 50ø × 200mmH Net
0.05ø × 200m / s (0.07mm eyes)


■ Cylindrical wire mesh cage for disposable centrifuge tube
Size: External 25mmø × 95mmH (50mml)
Size: External dimensions 12mmø × 94mmH (25mml)
Net: For sieve, mesh opening 45μm ~ 355μm
* Supports each manufacturer.
* Auto creping is possible


■ Transparent PVC filter
1130ø × 500mmH
With stainless mesh 90μm filter


■ Stainless
Round bar flange round filter
300㎜φ / 250φ × 50㎜H
Frame 4㎜φ round bar
Wire mesh 0.12φ × 70m / s


■ Stainless steel special order sieve
200φ × 100㎜H disk outer diameter 250㎜φ


■ Gathered strainer
60㎜φ × 67㎜H
0.1φ × 100m / s