②Tube, rack, stand

Stainless steel processed product

We offer a variety of custom-made products that meet customer needs using our stainless steel processing technology.
The following are just a few examples of previously manufactured items. Our processed products are basically made to order from one piece at the size required by the customer, so we are waiting for prices, delivery times, other questions, and inquiries.

■ SUS304 Ceramic tube stand
15 holes 10 × 10 = 100 790mmH


■ Different size bottle storage rack
115mm x 3 rows
115 x 90 x 130mmH x 2 rows
115 x 90 x 150mmH x 1 row


■ SUS304
90ø petri dish rack + PVC square tank


■ SUS304 Freezer rack
42 holes 3 × 14 = 42 partition
(Partition frame is removable)


■ Stainless steel test tube stand
Space: 14mm mouth
Array: 2 rows x 5 rows
Shelf height: 40mmH


■ SUS304 Freezer rack
175 x 161 x 632mmH (5-stage type)


■ Special size test stand
Test tube size ~ φ18㎜ × 180㎜H
(Since the tube is elongated, the limb frame is trapezoidal for stability.)


■ Small fish egg curing rack
A glass tube is arranged in the partition, and small fish eggs are arranged in the glass tube one by one in the water.