① Basket

Stainless steel processed product

We offer a variety of custom-made products that meet customer needs using our stainless steel processing technology.
The following are just a few examples of previously manufactured items. Our processed products are basically made to order from one piece at the size required by the customer, so we are waiting for prices, delivery times, other questions, and inquiries.

■ Stainless steel waste disposal basket for catchment
Outside dimensions 360mm × 280mm × 250mmH
Frame: ø4mm round bar
Wire mesh: ø0.75mm × 6 mesh 3.5mm mesh


■ Square basket Round basket Various


■ SUS304 Two-handed square basket
305 × 350 × 200mmH
Net 0.8ø × 4m / s (5mm eyes)


■ SUS304 Tapered round basket
Upper 140ø Lower 120ø × 200mmH
Net 0.47ø × 10m / s (2mm eyes)


■ SUS304 square basket
300 × 300 × 120mmH
Bottom 0.8t plate
Side 0.18ø x 50m / s (0.3mm eyes)


■ SUS304 Dust removal basket
200 × 200 × 70mmH
Net 0.29ø × 20m / s (1mm)


■ Square basket with removable partition


■ SUS304 round basket
100ø × 500mmH
Net 1.6ø × 18mm eyes


■ Top: SUS304 square tank basket
255 x 150 x 250mmH +50 (foot)
Net 0.4ø × 20m / s (1mmH)

■ Bottom: SUS304 overflow square tank
315 × 210 × 300mmH
Test tube with square basket


■ SUS304 Round cage with lid
200ø × 150mmH
Net 0.83ø × 4m / s (5mm eyes)


■ SUS304 octagonal washing basket
440 × 440 × 75mmH
(With spring partition)


■ SUS304 Round basket with drop screen lid and divider
(4 split type)
430ø × 90mmH
Net 1ø × 9mm eyes


■ SUS304
Sterilization can 300ø × 500mmH
Inner basket 290ø × 285mmH
Net 1.6ø × 18mm eyes
Base 200o × 300mmH


■ Stainless steel stacking basket
Outside dimensions: 350mm x 500mm x 110mmH
(Pipe hand, stacking type)
Frame: ø5mm round bar
Welded wire mesh: ø1.5mm12mm eyes
* Electropolishing finish


■ Made of stainless steel SUS304
For submarine subsidence experiments
Basket with lid Outside frame size 300mm x 300mm x 200H
Frame 4㎜φ round bar
(With ring for lifting with chains, ropes, etc.)


■ Patterned round basket
φ40㎜ × 40H
Net 0.06φ × 150m / s


■ For small animal experiments
Mouse cage 3-block type
(With 3 windows)