Ultrasonic vibration sieving machine

TSK-PNS type

The low-cost TSK-PNS equipped with high-performance digitally controlled DGS transmitters is automatically tuned in the operating frequency band of ultrasonic frequency 30kHz to 38kHz, and depends on the shape and natural frequency of the metal to be connected. It can be continuously operated with the basic setting of sweep 500Hz width (reciprocating speed 50Hz) The JIS Z8801 test sieve can be attached and removed by simply changing the band, and it has a wide range of capabilities that can be used with various frame-shaped sieves. It is possible to increase the efficiency of sieving at the site, such as improving the sieving efficiency, reducing or preventing clogging, and reducing the number of washings.
In addition, it is equipped with a waterproof converter (IP67 / ATEX22 explosion proof) and can be used for cleaning in an isolator.


◆ Operation mode
Operating frequency range 30 to 38kHz, sweep transmission within ± 250Hz from tuning frequency, sweep speed fixed at 50Hz

◆ Operation
Oscillation starts when main switch is ON

◆ Control panel
Error / oscillation 1 / oscillation 2 is displayed by lighting or blinking three types of LEDs

◆ Sieve diameter
ø75 to ø300 (JIS Z 8801), other

◆ Connection
Up to two converters can be connected in parallel

◆ Safety standards
[Oscillator] IP65, CE, dust / explosion-proof structure


[TSK-PNS transmitter]

◆ Frequency
30 kHz to 38 kHz

◆ Maximum output
50W, 100W, 200W

◆ Power supply
Single phase 110V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz

◆ Dimensions
280 × 190 × 170mm

◆ Weight

[C35-SD8 Converter]

◆ Overview
A high-power dedicated model with a PZT element inside the converter with a 4-layer structure (C35-SD8)

◆ Weight

◆ Heat resistance
-20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

◆ Safety standards
ATEX, IP65 dustproof

◆ Waterproof type
Body IP65 (ATEX22 dustproof), connector IP67 waterproof (when connected)

installation method

Stainless steel belt / clamp system

Increases screening efficiency, reduces clogging, and reduces cleaning frequency

>> You can watch the operating status of the ultrasonic vibration sieving machine in a video.