Microscreen sheave / filter

Example) Hole diameter φ10μm

◆ Super high accuracy
-Hole diameter average tolerance ± 0.5μm
-Hole diameter variation within the entire sheet ± 0.5μm
(* ± 1.0μm for normal products)

◆ Ultra-high aperture ratio
-Gorge pitch structure adopted
・ Conventional structure ratio
Opening ratio of 2.3 to 4.8 times
2.3 to 6.9 times the number of holes

◆ Super high strength
・ Thickness about 3 times the conventional sheet thickness
・ Even 28 / 45kHz powerful ultrasonic cleaning does not damage

Features ① Ultra-high accuracy

Hole diameter measurement position

Hole diameter distribution measurement result (sieve diameter φ75mm)

Features ② Ultra-high aperture ratio

Features (3) Ultra high strength and durability

Made by Tokyo Screen
The sieve sheet has a sheet thickness of about 50μm
It has a sturdy structure.

Microscreen sheave

MSS sieve frame

MSS sieve cover