Ultrasonic suction sieving system

TSK-UDS type

The ultrasonic suction sieving system realizes dry sieving of fine powder with a micro screen of 5μm to 15μm by setting a vacuum pump and ultrasonic sieving device TSK-PNS (ultrasonic frequency 30kHz to 38kHz) in a special housing. I can. Of course, JIS Z 8801 wire mesh can also be used, and it can be used for sieving finer powders more widely by using the mesh exchange type. The detachable structure with clamps can be easily used by anyone, so it is possible to increase the screening efficiency of fine powder and to screen fine powder that could not be screened until now. In addition, the basic one-stage type, but up to three-stage type can be supported by changing the specifications.


[Main unit]

◆ Material

◆ Dimensions
Inner diameter ø130 x 360H
(Excluding the connection between the vacuum pump and the ultrasonic oscillator)

◆ Weight

【Vacuum pump】

◆ Dimensions
50 × 100 × 120H

◆ Power supply

◆ Maximum displacement
1.8ℓ / min

Ultimate vacuum pressure

◆ Weight

[TSK-PNS transmitter]

◆ Frequency
30kHz to 38kHz

◆ Maximum output
50W, 100W, 200W

◆ Power supply
Single phase 110V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz

◆ Dimensions
280 × 190 × 170mm

◆ Weight

[C35-SD7 Converter]

◆ Overview
4-layer structure of PZT elements inside the converter

◆ Weight

◆ Dimensions
120mm x ø42

◆ Safety standards
ATEX IP65 dustproof

[Microscreen sheave]

◆ Dimensions
Opening ø100

ø5 (± 1) μm to ø15 (± 1) μm

◆ Material
Nickel (thickness approximately 40μmt)

installation method

Replaceable microscreen sheave and sieve screen by clamp method