Dedicated brush for test sieve

Our brushes are test sieve clogging brushes that comply with [JIS Z 8815-1994 General Rules for Screening Tests].
In the standard, 6.1.1 (or 6.2.1) equipment and tools-(5) Clogging removal brush Use a brush with appropriate hardness according to the mesh size so as not to damage the screen surface. It is prescribed.
In addition, it is explained as an example of a brush on page 5 of the explanation (general page 14). The method of use is used to remove or collect the powder remaining on the screen of each stage of the test sieve after the screening test. At this time, be sure to move along the mesh arrangement direction, taking care not to hold down the mesh surface. It has become. The brushes in Tables 2 and 3 are appropriate. It has said.

Clogging brush hair thickness

Sieve exclusive brush stick type

・ Compatible with small sieves
・ Hair reaches even when sieving
・ Easy to use and easy to use
・ Hair is difficult to remove
・ Two can handle all meshes
・ 25mm in width X approximately 155mm in total length (hair length 35mm)

■ JNB-56
Net: All 2 sets of opening
\ 3,000

■ JNB-5
Net: For 106µm or less
* Hair nylon ø0.2mm / ø0.3mm
\ 1,700

■ JNB-6
Net: For 125µm or more * Hair nylon ø0.4mm / ø0.5mm
\ 1,700

O-ring and corner ring

* Corner ring is available only for ø200 / ø150 / ø75.

Renometer and inch glasses

Renometer measurement range