Notice of holidays and business hours reduction


Thank you for using Tokyo Screen's test sieves.

Earlier this year, in response to the spread of the new coronavirus that is causing the world's turmoil, we have reduced our working hours from Monday, April 13 to 11 am to reduce the risk of infection of employees and the risk of cluster infection at our starting point. It will be closed from 3pm to 3pm (continue from last week) and will be closed from Wednesday, April 22 to Wednesday, May 6. After that, we will decide whether to extend depending on the situation.


Time reduction business and holiday schedule

Working hours: April 13 (Tuesday)-April 21 (Tuesday)

Business hours from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Closed: Wednesday, April 22-Wednesday, May 6


In addition, we will deliver or ship as soon as possible to customers who have been delivered by regular delivery or transportation.

In addition, we would like to express our sincere regret that the customer who collects the cargo will have to set the pickup time to the above, but we would appreciate your kind understanding and adjustment.

During the suspension period, all orders, inquiries, correspondence to e-mail, delivery and shipment of test sieves and stainless steel processed products will be completely stopped. In addition, if you place an order that exceeds the normal order quantity before closing, we will check the current stock status and if it is difficult, we will deliver it after May.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding that we can overcome this situation.