Chiyoda Business Award

Chiyoda Business Award

The winners of the Chiyoda Business Grand Prize and the award ceremony were held on February 14, 2018, sponsored by the public interest incorporated association, Machimirai Chiyoda.
It is held every year, and after the document review, it is selected from 30 entry SMEs, and about 10 companies are selected for each award. Among them, the “Grand Award” is awarded to the most recognized company, but this time we were selected for the 10th milestone.
JIS Z 8801 test sieve and ISO / IEC17025 calibration organization, a test sieve manufacturer that is the only company in the world that can handle everything from manufacturing to calibration.
The company = employees were commended and we were very happy and pleased, and we would like to express our deep appreciation for the customers.
We will continue to do our best every day in the future, such as sieving, proofreading, stainless steel processed products, wire mesh, various meshes, tressy, etc. Thank you in the future.