Cherry pollen

2018/03/26 staff blog

It was a beautiful season for cherry blossoms.
From the weekend to this week, Tokyo is in full bloom! !
Each cherry blossom spot has nice weather and you can enjoy a very pleasant cherry blossom viewing.

Do you know the size of cherry pollen?
If you look on the net, it will come out, but the shape is an ellipse like a rugby ball, the major axis is about 50μm, and the largest cross section is about 20-30μm. It feels like the shape is more than the size.
By the way, cedar and cypress pollen is about 30μm spherical.
Judging from its size, it seems that pollen can also be screened with JIS test sieves. It seems to be a powder with a light specific gravity, so it is difficult to use a sieve. Although a sieve that does not shake a large sieve, such as an ultrasonic vibration sieve, seems to be effective, it seems to be a difficult sieve.

If you hear pollen, there may be some people who feel humming.
By the way, there seems to be hay fever of cherry blossoms, so be careful.

Please enjoy the cherry blossom season! !