Crystal of snow

2018/01/22 staff blog

On January 22, 2018, it is snowing today, and it seems that it will fall from the afternoon, but it seems to fall so that attention can be paid to disruption of traffic network and accidents in Tokyo.
Especially, it seems to fall from the afternoon to the night, so it seems to have some effect tomorrow morning.
There is no doubt that our logistics will be affected, and there is a risk of inconvenience to customers due to delivery of test sieves and various networks, shipping of sieves and sieving machines requested by each logistics company, etc. There is.
I'm sorry, but I would appreciate your understanding.

Speaking of that, do you know the size of snowflakes?
It is about 0.1-5mm.
If you can screen with a test sieve, you may be able to classify various shapes of crystals by size and shape.
However, it melts, breaks even in cold places, and is probably difficult to screen.
It may be beautiful because there is a ugliness that can never be seen again.

Everyone, be careful in Tokyo where you don't get used to clean snow!