Current JIS Z 8801 and old JIS standard

2017/09/25 staff blog

Regarding IS test sieves, there are cases where we still receive inquiries via mesh as part of questions or requests for quotations. In such cases, the old JIS Z 8801 may be used with considerable frequency.
JIS Z 8801 ratified ISO3310 R40 / 3, R20 / 3 and R10 as part of the year 2000 and linked the standard with international standards. Since then , the mesh display has been abolished as a display standard only for mesh openings and wire diameters.
We can teach in the form of reference mesh, but the number of meshes is different between the standard before 2000 and the current standard. If the sieve standard is revised, the net of the past standard will not be woven. Therefore, the old standard net will not be available. For this reason, customers who have been using sieves of the past standards and are considering replacing them for the first time in a long time cannot help switching to the new standards.
If you have any questions, please contact us anytime if you want to hear the above explanation.