About A2LA and JCSS

2017/05/10 Product Info

〇 ISO / IEC17025
A standard approved by an authoritative third-party accreditation body to determine whether a laboratory or calibration laboratory is capable of producing accurate measurement / calibration results.
ISO / IEC17025 is called “Laboratory Certification”, and there are requirements for laboratories that perform product inspections, analysis and measurement, and calibration laboratories that perform calibration work on measuring instruments. A global standard for determining whether test / calibration results are reliable by proving and demonstrating the traceability of the reference materials of the measuring instruments used.
An accreditation body that has signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with ILAC and APLAC (our company is PJLA) conducts an examination in accordance with the requirements of the standard, and the testing laboratory and calibration body obtain the accreditation. It is judged that it is appropriate for and is certified. Accredited organizations can add accreditation symbols to test reports and calibration certificates. This means that the management ability for product management and quality control and the technical ability to produce reliable test / calibration results are recognized internationally.

* About A2LA
Recently, there is a wrong inquiry at a civil engineering laboratory as if it is not suitable for equipment used for civil engineering tests unless it is a calibration certificate with the A2LA mark.
A2LA is an accredited laboratory in the United States that certifies calibration organizations that meet ISO / IEC 17025. A2LA has signed APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Agency Cooperation Organization) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Institute Cooperation Organization), and has obtained mutual certification. The PJLA mark on our calibration certificate is also in the same position.
Please be aware that the recognition of the accreditation body's mark as a conformity mark of the standard itself is incorrect.

* About JCSS mark
This is a Japanese calibration company registration (certification) system based on the Measurement Law.
JCSS is a system for performing calibration with traceability to national standards conforming to ISO / IEC17025. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the National Institute for Product Evaluation Technology NITE have jurisdiction over JCSS. JCSS is required if a company is active under the Japanese Measurement Law.
However, since it is within the scope of the Measurement Law, test sieves are not subject to certification.
For this reason, there is no problem with the calibration certificate issued by the calibration organization that can give the iLac.MRA mark (mutual certification mark) when JCSS is out of range.